Rappa Raceweigh

Two years in development and extensively tested on farms, the new Rappa RaceWeigh is designed for rapid weighing in the field. Built from tough lightweight aluminium, the RaceWeigh is the first modular weigh crate on the market – tow inside your yard, or carry in your farm vehicle.

The RaceWeigh provides three-way drafting for fast stock sorting, while its flared and railed gates, anti-jump bar and quiet operation encourage steady sheep flow with minimal stress. The ergonomic and modular design makes it easy to assemble, dismantle and use without fatigue.

  • Three-way drafting for fast sorting
  • Flared drafting gates promote exit flow
  • Anti-jump bar prevents sheep injury and trapped hands when grading
  • EID stick holder so you can work hands-free
  • Ergonomic design for ease and comfort
  • Rear operation to maintain sheep flow
  • Auto-lock drafting gate latches
  • Gate bearings provide quiet and smooth operation
  • Railed gate design encourages consistent stock flow
 Components include:
  • Weigh Platform and Electronic Load Bar
  • Side Drafting Gate – Left
  • Entry Gate with Weigh Head Bracket
  • Side Drafting Gate – Right
  • Exit Gate
  • Anti-Jump Bar including EID Stick Holder