Rappa Compact Yards

Scaled down version of the Standard Yard with a holding capacity of about 100 sheep. Extra gates and components can be added as sheep numbers grow. All of the gates and components are carried on the Yard base trailer which also forms part of the sheep race.

  • A great starter Yard with the same fully galvanised all-steel Yard base as the Standard Yard
  • Railed or solid front drafting gates. Solid gates are easily converted to railed, your choice, depending on the job at hand
  • Upgrade by adding gates and accessories when you are ready or your flock size grows

Compact Yard

  • 10 x 7’ (2.1m) Aluminium gates give you 70’ of penning, increase this by utilising a boundary fence
  • The 18” x 8’ race extension and Guillotine Gate make foot-bathing, ear tagging and drenching easy to do
  • Attach the race extension to the front or back of the Yard base


  • With 10 x 7’ (2.1m) aluminium gates you will have 70’ of penning, increase further by utilising a boundary fence
  • A forcing pen with the 6’ Forcing Gate (included) will make sheep flow better and the sprung 6’ gate keeps the sheep tight
  • Panelling on both the Yard base and 8’ Panels utilise easy clean matt plastic coated boards for non-reflective easy sheep flow

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