Perkinz Drenchmasters

All purpose Sheep Handling system.

The DrenchMaster system helps farmers treat the full range of sheep parasites in a simple, easy to use system designed to maximise productivity, and minimise operator effort and animal handling damage risks. DrenchMaster is the ideal sheep handler to help support animal health and farm productivity through the administration of oral and intramuscular drenches.

It uses a swinging side panel and the Perkinz award-winning SheepFlow bristles to provide simple, yet very effective control of sheep and lambs. The operator simply leans against the panel as the animal is passing to stop and hold it in place. The reversed SheepFlow bristles “lock” the animal for easy handling.

But don’t let the name fool you. This Perkinz Handler is capable of much more than just drenching.

DrenchMaster allows multiple operations at the same time. With no noise sheep run through this sheep-handler extremely well.

DrenchMaster also incorporates a simple drafting gate to give operators an additional set of options for animal control.

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