Rappa launch brand new range.

Rappa is launching a brand new range of mobile sheep handling equipment this autumn, designed to offer scalable systems for every type of farmer and small-holder. First revealed at the NSA Malvern sheep show, giving customers a sneak preview of yards in pre-production, the full range will be available to customers from the beginning of October.

“Our new range was prompted by the need to gain Type Approval status for all UK trailers,” says managing director James Ridley. “This proved to be the catalyst for the review of our existing mobile yard systems. The results have seen the biggest change for the company in over 10 years, with a complete overhaul of all our manufacturing and mobile handling products.”
The five new mobile handling systems – from the eight-gate lightweight buggy for flocks of up to 70 sheep to the Series 12 Super, a large-capacity braked yard for commercial shepherds with flocks of over 500 – is the result of over three years of research and development at Rappa’s Hampshire head office, and in the field with farmers.

“Under recently introduced regulations governing trailer manufacture, any company producing or importing trailers must have Type Approval to legally sell trailers in the UK – mobile yards are no exception,” Ridley says. “We’re very proud that ours have got through the rigorous VCA approval system, which prompted us to look at every aspect of our design, and resulted in a number of additions and new features.”
The 30-year-old company carefully considered usability, capacity, weight and legality.

“We concluded that by making a few key changes to our yards we could
provide a broader range of products, allowing greater choice for our customers, and further enhance the usability.”
As well as introducing the new Series 8 Buggy and Series 12 Super, Rappa has revamped its three mid-range systems: the Series 10 Compact, Standard and Super. All now feature a new winch bridge position and drawbar design, and an increased hurdle capacity, as well as complying with the new Type Approval standards.

“Type Approval provides an assurance to users of quality, durability and consistency of our products,” says Ridley, “and we believe this will prove crucial in future, both for road legality and insurance coverage.”



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